Managing packages is easy and offers you all the necessary possibilities. For example, you can make your own combinations, offer your guests a choice between a selection of products within the package to boost your turnover, but also distributed the revenue among the products. xPlan ensures that the packages are scheduled automatically and your customers experience great convenience.

Gift Cards

The use of gift cards within your company is very easy thanks to a special module in xPlan. The software keeps track of the administration and thus ensures a smooth process from purchase to spending. In addition, you can determine the layout of the gift vouchers yourself and they are easy to use in all your branches.

Check-in / check-out

Check-in and check-out is a part of xPlan from which you will immediately benefit. Guests can check in quickly and easily, automatically or not. This ensures peace of mind at your reception desk on the one hand and satisfied customers who can go in and out without intervention on the other hand.


This module has extensive options allowing you to use your own webshop and gain insight into your marketing campaigns. Your customers enjoy the convenience of online reservations, e-tickets and gift vouchers that they can all view and expand in their own account.


The complete sub-administration that xPlan offers ensures that you can always find out in detail where sales and payments come from. What’s more, the distribution of turnover from arrangements is done automatically and the conclusive software reduces the risk of errors. In short, less loss of turnover for your company and more peace of mind for you.

Group Classes

Scheduling and managing group lessons in xPlan is easy. You keep control by managing all settings yourself. Your customers can register and confirm their attendance in different ways. Your reception desk is relieved because registrations can also be made online or from a self-service kiosk.

Food and Beverage

xPlan offers a system with which you can increase your service in all your catering outlets. Thanks to user-friendly digital tools, you can achieve more turnover, for instance by means of up-selling.. The RFID wristband can be integrated which ensures fewer errors and faster settlement of your guests. Just like automatic redemption of credit as part of a package


The possibilities of xPlan ensure an optimal customer experience. For example, the option to link xPlan to your hotel system ensures that packages can be integrated and guests enjoy combined access. Costs can also be placed directly on a room bill and the turnover can be forwarded to the PMS.

Cash register system

xPlan offers a POS system in which sales and rentals are automatically included in the administration. Transactions are registered and are transparent thanks to reports. The system can also be linked to a pin device for easy payment.


Thanks to the xPlan chain module, you are able to centralise data. Think of a centralised customer database for your CRM. Buying and exchanging gift vouchers and subscriptions among different branches is also possible. But also a centralized management of xPlan and articles, which will save you loads of time.

Membership Management

With xPlan your member base is up to date and flexible. Matters such as Direct Debit (SEPA) and reversal are automated, but you always keep an overview and control. You can make adjustments and manage all your members centrally.

Management Information

Our software collects large amounts of data and gives you the opportunity to display it clearly in customised reports. By means of drag and drop you can create your own report. xPlan allows you to carry out analyses and make changes based on them. These tools are user-friendly and allow you to keep control at all times.


xPlan has a special algorithm, which makes it possible to schedule treatments, activities and arrangements in a fully automated way. This is fully based on the availability, competencies and priorities of both your employees and rooms.

RFID / Cashless payment

The use of Radio Frequency Identification is integrated into all areas of your business thanks to xPlan. Guests can thus pass through the access control and make use of the equipment and catering industry. Because everything is automatically put on one account, the customer can pay it before departure. This creates a cash-free environment, increases your customer experience and reduces the pressure at your reception desk!

Sales & Marketing

With xPlan you have a unique tool with which you can see all kinds of data in reports. This makes analysing processes and results very easy. You can also keep track of the effect of your marketing campaigns. For example, by using e-mail marketing in combination with our online booking module, you will see your sales increase.

Self Service Kiosk

By means of a touchscreen terminal, guests can arrange all kinds of things themselves. They can check themselves out at the terminal. In addition, they can see which treatments are still available and book them directly. You sell the last places and your guests do not have to walk to the reception to book the treatment. Everything is scheduled directly and put into the guest account.

Access Control

xPlan ensures that the whole process from ticket purchase to access to payment runs smoothly. By means of an RFID wristband, guests can independently access certain areas. This RFID wristband can also be used to open a locker, activate a massage chair or equipment or other resources at your location. All costs are automatically billed.

Yield Management

Make use of a clear pricing policy with settings entirely as you wish thanks to our software. The use of early booking discounts is also possible, which ensures that your staff can no longer make mistakes when selecting products and prices. All this stimulates your turnover.