Automated check-in and check-out

The entry and exit process is smooth and swift with xPlan. Many proceedings are automated and payments are registered quickly. This saves times for your Front Desk.


Guests who have a reservation can check in quickly and directly because they are recognised by xPlan when scanning the barcode on their confirmation. Do you have a package or treatment? With one push on the button the day programme is printed. A day of indulgence can begin.

Automatic check-in

Have your guests check in at the Self Service Terminal by scanning the barcode on their reservation. The system will then distribute an RFID wristband so your guests is able to enter the property. It is also possible to sell entries at the Self Service Terminal. Limiting the need to go to the Front Desk. Our Check In Terminal will distribute the RFID wristband after paying the Entry. Members can instantly access by scanning their personal RFID wristband, linked to their membership.

Relieve your Front Desk

Thanks to the software, many guests can enter your property quickly, in some cases even without a manual Check in. This frees up time for other tasks. Your customer satisfaction will increase, since your visitors will be on their way quickly if you manage your property using xPlan.

Self-Service check-out

Checking out using xPlan is very fast and easy. Your guests can pay using cash, gift card, debit card or credit card. Splitting of bills is also very simple. Furthermore, guests can independently check out at one of the Self Service Checkout terminals.

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