Make your pool completely cashless!

The many functionalities of xPlan provide all kinds of benefits for your business.
Give your swimming pool a boost by increasing your profit margin, preventing errors and increasing customer satisfaction.
Automatic check-in, bathing cards or linking to your catering industry, xPlan can make it happen.

Membership Management

With xPlan your member base is up to date and flexible. Matters such as Direct Debit (SEPA) and reversal are automated, but you always keep an overview and control. You can make adjustments and manage all your memberships centrally.

Self Service Kiosk

By means of a touchscreen terminal, guests can arrange many things themselves. They can check out at the terminal. In addition, they can see which treatments are still available and book them directly. You can make sure all treatments are booked up whilst your guests do not have to make the trip to the front desk Everything is scheduled automatically and added to the guest reservation/bill.

Cash register system

xPlan offers a system in which sales and rentals are automatically included in the administration. Transactions are registered and are transparent thanks to reports. The system can also be linked to a PIN device for easy payment.

RFID / Cashless payment

Within xPlan, the application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is thoroughly integrated. You can give your guests an RFID chip in the form of a card or wristband, which, among other things, gives them automatic access, enables them to order swiftly in the restaurant with your staff or at a vending machine and can activate equipment such as a massage chair.


Thanks to the xPlan chain module, you are able to centralise data. Think of a centralised customer database for your CRM. Buying and exchanging gift vouchers and subscriptions among different branches is also possible. But also a centralized management of xPlan and articles, which will save you loads of time.

All features

The possibilities with xPlan are extensive and come with many advantages. Processes are automated while you keep an overview and you gain insight thanks to customised reports. xPlan can be fully integrated into your company and can be linked to other systems.

What our customers say


Many companies have preceded you,
Read their experience with xPlan here.

“With xPlan we have finally found that solution. Our lives have become so much better since we started using xPlan.”

Maurice Barbier, Business Analyst
Thermae 2OOO

“The cooperation with xPlan is very pleasant and we are happy to use their knowledge to improve our business operations.”

Sylvie Michaud, Directrice
Les Bains d’Ovronnaz

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