Leave it up to xPlan to take care of access control

The xPlan access control module takes work off your hands and offers extra service to your guests.
By using an RFID system or barcodes, guests can independently check themselves in and out. Anything they have consumed or partaken in is automatically registered to the booking.

Check in

Have your guests use their E-ticket to check themselves in with. It is also possible to obtain a wristband from a Wristband Issuing Machine. By means of the RFID system they have automatic access to your facilities. This saves work at the reception desk and increases the experience of guests.


Access to a complex or zones is registered and managed by xPlan. People get access to those zones that are part of their membership/entry. It is also possible to grant access to other zones, in return for a additional fee. By scanning the RFID wristband, this fee will automatically be charged and is to be paid when leaving the property. If the length of stay is exceeded, the guest will be charged automatically as soon as he or she leaves the zone.

Use of equipment

Within xPlan, the application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is thoroughly integrated. Whether you decide to use a pass or a wristband with an RFID chip, it will, among other things, give your guests automatic access, enable them to open their locker, to order quickly in the restaurant or get something from a vending machine or even activate a massage chair.

Check out

It is possible to have your guests pay their bill at a payment terminal before leaving. xPlan will show the bill at the terminal, after which the guest can pay it. Once they have paid their bill, they are able to exit the building/premises.
The exit can be controlled by scanning a barcode or having a column that retrieves the wristbands. The wristband will be returned to guests with an active membership.


It is possible to create multiple zones in xPlan. For example, to register separate access for your Fitness or Spa. Only guests who have access to the zone may enter. However, if desired, it is also possible to add a surcharge for specific zones (after a certain amount of time). Or that a member has 1 hour of free access and additional fees are charged for longer stays.


You can also manage (your) parking with xPlan. Your guests receive a parking ticket when they arrive and can pay upon departure at the front desk or even at our Self Service Payment terminal.
In addition, you can send hotel guests a parking ticket in advance, so that they always have access to the parking by scanning the barcode. Depending on the Hotel occupancy, additional parking spaces left for day visitors can be offered.

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