Finance, sales, marketing, management,
xPlan supports it all

The many functionalities of xPlan provide all kinds of benefits for your business.
Give your business a boost by increasing your profit margin, preventing errors and increasing customer satisfaction.
By means of administration and management information, you gain insight and can make strategic choices.


The complete sub-administration that xPlan offers ensures that you can always find out in detail where sales and payments come from. What’s more, the distribution of turnover from arrangements is done automatically and the conclusive software reduces the risk of errors. In short, less loss of turnover for your company and more peace of mind for you.

Yield Management

Make use of a clear pricing policy with settings entirely as you wish thanks to our software. The use of early booking rates is also possible, which ensures that your staff can no longer make mistakes when selecting products and prices. All this stimulates your turnover.

Sales & Marketing

With xPlan you have a unique tool with which you can see all kinds of data in reports. This makes analysing processes and results very easy. You can also keep track of the effect of your marketing campaigns. For example, by using e-mail marketing in combination with our online booking module, you will see your sales increase.


This module has extensive options allowing you to use your own webshop and gain insight into your marketing campaigns. Your customers enjoy the convenience of online reservations, e-tickets and gift vouchers that they can all view and expand in their own account.

Management Information

Our software collects large amounts of data and gives you the opportunity to display it clearly in customised reports. This allows you to carry out analyses and make changes based on them. These tools are user-friendly and allow you to keep control at all times.

All features

The possibilities with xPlan are extensive and come with many advantages. Processes are automated while you keep an overview and you gain insight thanks to customised reports. xPlan can be fully integrated into your company and can be linked to other systems.

What our customers say


Many companies have preceded you,
Read their experience with xPlan here.

“With xPlan we have finally found that solution. Our lives have become so much better since we started using xPlan.”

Maurice Barbier, Business Analyst
Thermae 2OOO

“The cooperation with xPlan is very pleasant and we are happy to use their knowledge to improve our business operations.”

Sylvie Michaud, Directrice
Les Bains d’Ovronnaz

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