Fully automated scheduling

xPlan’s unique scheduling module reduces the number of errors in bookings, reservations and treatments. Whilst ensuring each booking is registered in the fastest way possible.
The return on investment is high because you can plan more efficiently and customers can make reservations themselves.

Scheduling made easy!

xPlan uses a unique algorithm for fully automated scheduling of activities and packages.

Reduce reception desk workload

Scheduling is faster: xPlan takes into account the skills of your employees, their availability and the availability of treatment rooms/materials. Reservations can therefore be made without employee interference.

Keep the overview

The software displays available treatment times Via digital screen this information can easily be shared with your customers.

Audit trail

Your staff have the possibility, depending on their authorisation level, to make changes as they see fit. These actions are registered, so that it is clear to you who has made which changes.

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