Maintain a strong pricing policy using xPlan Yield Management capabilities

By using xPlan, Yield Management is no longer the exclusive domain of large companies. You determine the prices of your products and services in detail and can enter them well in advance. This clarity guarantees fewer errors and more turnover!

Clear pricing policy

With xPlan you can easily and quickly implement a clear pricing policy. You determine whether an item has the same price in all your branches, or whether a distinction is made. In addition, you can attach several prices to an article or package, for example depending on the day of the week, time, date of booking and much more.

Early bird discount

Early booking rates are becoming increasingly popular. In xPlan you set how long in advance these prices become valid and they are applied automatically. A big advantage of this is that your staff does not have to think about the different products and prices; the correct price is automatically charged. Enabling your guests to automatically receive their Last-Minute or Early-Bird rate!

Prevent errors

Because everything is set in advance, errors are prevented. The system takes into account all the rules you have entered and prevents errors. An item that cannot be booked or bought at the weekend simply cannot be sold. This system has also proven to stimulate turnover.

All features

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