Easy sales and rentals registration using xPlan

With the xPlan Point of Sale you can easily sell or rent out products.
Reports give you insight into the accounting and allow you to make timely adjustments where necessary.

Retail products

You can easilly sell items, for example by scanning the barcode, in xPlan. When using the PIN link xPlan offers, their payment is automatically registered.


xPlan ensures that you can easily offer products for rent for your guest during your stay. During check-out the guests will be reminded/asked to hand in the rented products.

Stock Management

As soon as an item has been scanned and paid for, your stock is automatically updated. This way you can keep an overview and you will not be faced with surprises such as an empty stock. Moreover, reports give you insight into sales, history, stock, etc. Adjusting is therefore no problem at all.

All features

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