User-friendly Mobile POS for the best customer service

This system offers extensive options for your F&B department. Orders can be processed more quickly and by fewer employees using Mobile POS, a table plan and kitchen screens. Together with the integration of the RFID wristband, this will improve your customer service. Which in turn will prevent loss of turnover and will even generate more turnover.

User-friendly F&B system

The xPlan F&B system can be used for multiple outlets. Using robust Mobile POS, more orders can be processed by fewer employees. The range is very good and there is roaming, so you always have the best reception without having to wait.

Table Screens

The practical table screen displays which tables have not order for a while. Furthermore, the (Mobile) POS shows you immediately if lunch and/or drinks are included in the guest’s reservation. If there are multiple options offered within a package, the waiting staff can register the guest’s pick from the provided selection but also deviate from that. XPlan will automatically calculate any additional charges. The touchscreen monitor in the kitchen provides a better overview and as an overall result, faster service and satisfied guests.

Increase (in) turnover

While you are taking orders, the receipt comes out of the printer in the kitchen or behind the bar so the order can be prepared. This increases the speed of service. Guests will be inclined to order more and more often. In addition, the RFID wristband ensures that everything is added to the right account.

Accurate administration

During the ordering process, your staff is conveniently guided to make the right choices or to up-sell. All this will ensure no mistakes are made and increases your revenue. If any food or beverages are included in a package deal these specific items will be displayed to choose from.

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