One solution for your entire chain

Managing multiple locations is no problem at all with the xPlan software.
Data can be managed centrally for all locations.
This will boost your customer experience and reduce your costs.

Centralised data

With xPlan, all your data is centralised, so you only manage one customer database. Guests can easily redeem gift cards at different locations and Memberships are also recognised at each location. Packages, articles etc only need to be created only once for all locations. All this saves you a lot of time and the associated costs.


Thanks to the centralised data, you ensure standardization within your company. Business processes run unambiguously, so that the quality of your service is maintained and costs are reduced.

Management Information

Even though all your data is centralised, all information remains clear thanks to the reports you can create. These give you insight into essential business information for each property.

Versatile yield management

Although you only need to create packages and products once in the system, it is possible to differentiate prices (for locations).

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