It is impossible to run a business without control lists, reports, statistics and forecast. That is why we provide you with all the information you need!

Customised reports

Because xPlan is so complete and fully integrated, an invaluable amount of data is processed and stored. Within xPlan there is a special tool with which you can convert this data into clear reports. With the standard reports offered by xPlan, you can compile new reports quickly and easily with simple drag-and-drop.

File management

You have full control over who has rights to access or modify which information. In addition, you can export this information to, for example, PDF, XLS or CSV. There is also the possibility to email these reports automatically. You decide to whom the reports gets sent and when.

External usage

Would you like to use the data from xPlan to feed into your accounting system, Email marketing, Dashboards etc.? No problem at all… you set when the data is exported or offer your partner the possibility to actively retrieve this data in xPlan using our View module.

Keep the overview

Thanks to xPlan, you have an immediate answer to such questions as; what is the average spending of that one type of entrance, How long do guests with this entry type tend to stay on average, what are the peak moments at reception , how long in advance reservations are made, and much more.

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