Improve your service, increase sales and lower your costs!

Thanks to RFID application in xPlan, your guests can easily check in, get access, use and pay for use of items such as massage chairs and much more!
All this is done automatically and cashless which your guests will enjoy.

RFID integration

Within xPlan, the application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is thoroughly integrated. Whether you decide to use a pass or a wristbad with an RFID chip, it will, among other things, give your guests automatic access, enable them to open their locker, to order quickly in the restaurant or get something from a vending machine or even activate a massage chair.

Guest experience

Thanks to the great convenience of applying RFID, your customers will have the best customer experience. Moreover, they are more inclined to make purchases, as this does not require any extra effort. In short; with xPlan you can expect an increase in both your customer satisfaction and your turnover!


Visitors can pay before departure at a Self Service Checkout Terminal or at the Front Desk. All spending during their stay is registered by scanning the RFID chip, ensuring xPlan gets an automatic update of the guest’s bill.

Reduce errors

With our software many activities can be automated. This ensures less handling and fewer mistakes. You do not have to worry about the processes, xPlan takes care of this for you!

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