xPlan Business Cases

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No spa is the same. This can be due to the use of company resources, business model, facilities and more. But with xPlan you will always have the tools to set up your business in such a way that you will experience numerous advantages. Advantage in the form of a high Return On Investment (ROI), but also in the form of convenience, overview, efficiency and insight.

By sharing severalBusiness Cases, we will give you an idea of how the use of xPlan has benefited a number of specific companies. Would you like to know how your company will benefit from using xPlan? Please feel free to contact us.

Sauna Swoll

Sauna Swoll can endorse the fact that not only large companies achieve ROI with xPlan. This Dutch company was able to achieve ROI within less than a year and is happy to explain how they achieved this.

Thermes de Spa

Through various innovations and going off the beaten track, Thermes de Spa has come up with a unique solution. Optimal integration and guest experience go hand in hand.