Guests arrange their stay themselves….

The user-friendly touchscreen xPlan Self Service modules ensure that guests have a quick and easy overview of their reservations.
They can see which treatments are still available and book them directly. But there is so much more…

Self Service Book

Having to check with the front desk inhibits many guests from booking additional treatments. Having a Self-Service Desk at their disposal enables them to view what treatments are available, simply by scanning their wristband. The selected treatment is immediately scheduled, added to the bill, and will be visible in xPlan for your therapists.

Auto check-in

Have your guests check in at the Self Service Terminal by scanning the barcode on their reservation. The system will then distribute an RFID wristband so your guests is able to enter the property. It is also possible to sell entries at the Self Service Terminal. Limiting the need to go to the Front Desk. Our Check In Terminal will distribute the RFID wristband after paying the Entry.

Check Out

When leaving, guests can now checkout by themselves. Our Check-Out Terminal will retrieve their information enabling them to pay for their spending and be on their way!
As well as reduce cost, this improves customer experice greatly.

Registering for group classes

Many Health Clubs offer group lessons. Members can easily register or deregister for one of these group lessons at the Self Service Desk. A ticket will be printed to confirm their registration.

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