Centre du Lac

Centre du Lac

We are very happy to announce that Centre du Lac Spa & Sauna in Pijnacker, The Netherlands, has joined the xPlan Family! The reopening of Spa’s in The Netherlands has been their first full day of regular xPlan usage, after already using xPlan for some time for scheduling.

Centre du Lac is a comprehensive Spa offering a wide variety of Sauna’s, pools and over 16 Treatment Cabins. Guest go there to enjoy and unwind as it is situated in a quiet area in the middle of the Randstad Urban area, close to The Hague.

The Covid19 Closure was the ideal situation to prepare for a brand new start and be ready for the new Era! Enjoying optimal Marketing efforts, increased guest experience (among others with swift Mobile POS in the F&B department), Online Sales and Reservations etc. All resulting in lower costs and optimized turnover. With an extensive Online Training program the Centre Du Lac application managers ensured they were on the right path to success!

xPlan ensures the F&B, Ticketing, Access, Scheduling, Reservations, Memberships, Gift Cards, Accounting, POS is all taken care off.

The Online Booking Engine has helped them instantly to save time and effort, especially since pre-booking is a must in these Covid19 times.