Elaisa Wellness

Elaisa Wellness

What do you get if a visionary entrepreneur and aesthetics lover spends many years on creating the ideal Spa? Well you can now find out at Elaisa Energetic Wellness in Belgium.

Elaisa links traditional wellness with inner source activation. The building is set up in perfect Feng Sui and build to be directly at the crossing of the wind directions, with a view of the best sunsets in the west. And what a view this is.. Elaisa is situated in a former mine pit in which a great natural park has been created. The spa directly borders a lake which offers stunning views from sauna’s, pools as well as the restaurant.

According to ancient cultures, geometry holds the mystery of creation. Everything in the universe consists of the construction of fixed geometric proportions, such as the coherence of molecules and atoms, the reciprocal proportions in the bodies of humans and animals or the structured or spiral-shaped construction of flowers, shells, crystals, …

This intense collaboration of geometry can be found throughout Elaisa. The geometric shapes, the natural materials and the many crystals used in the building create an energetic atmosphere in the building and create a special sense of tranquillity. Unique are special rituals, such as the Temazcal, where in a Mexican sweat lodge a special ceremony is performed to cleanse the body.

Elaisa offers many pools and some great sauna’s. All in a unique and luxurious style. The restaurant offers great treats. And the Beauty/Massage department offers some great (holistic) treatments, yoga classes, meditation, halo therapie, and much more.

There is a shop where you can not only buy skin products, but also one of the crystals you may have encountered throughout the Spa to enjoy their benefits at home.

We have supplied Elaisa with a completely integrated solution for Entrance, Scheduling, booking of rituals , F&B, Kitchen Monitors, Gift Cards, Online Reservations, RFID, Locker Locks and much more.

We are certain guests will love the many sauna’s, special treatments, restaurants, shop and baths this unique spa has to offer. .