Lifystyle Resorts

We are extremely proud to announce that the famous wellness resort Devarana in The Netherlands has started using xPlan, together with the other locations of Lifestyle Resort chain.
Lifestyle Resorts is part of the BMG Group. Untill recently the BMG Group also owned a POS vendor, which made it impossible for them to use xPlan. But after the sales of this POS vendor, they swiftly contacted xPlan and recognised the huge benefits Devarana and the other Lifestyle Resorts would experience when using xPlan.

A guest will experience 5,000 sqm of luxury wellness. Devarana was created after a 2.5 year renovation during which no resource was spared. And that can be experienced when visiting the spa. There are no less than 5 restaurants, 10 treatment rooms, tanning beds etc.

Guests receive an RFID wristband when checking in. This wristband can be used to open/close the locker, order in the restaurant (by scanning the wristband with the handheld instantly the correct bill will be shown as well as credit as part of package etc.), use the tanning bed. When leaving, the guests can choose to check out at the Payment terminal. After which the wristband retriever at the turnstile will check if the guest has paid the full bill and grant exit.

In the restaurant the Kitchen monitors and handhelds were warmly welcomed! The user-friendly layout, swiftness, excellent WIFI connection etc. were an instant hit. No longer does the waiter have to search for a bill.. just scan the wristband and the correct bill is shown. And the newly build Table reservation module proved to be excellent as well. Staff are able to change availability easily and bookings can be made at the reception, online or at the Self Service Kiosk.

Check in and Check out went really fast from the beginning the staff started to use xPlan. Getting rid of paper for the scheduling was no problem. Especially after experiencing how easily it is to book in xPlan and how well the system automatically schedules the bookings (taking in consideration skills, availability, rooms etc.).

Devarana instantly went live with online booking of entries and table reservations, as well as E-Ticketing. Within short time guests will also be able to book treatments and packages online. Payment is also done directly online. Management and staff are thrilled about xPlan and the support DIMMbizz as vendor offers them. They instantly acknowledge the many benefits that xPlan offers them.

The management information was hailed by the board of directors. And the Multi-Property capabilities ensure that the next 2 resorts will be live with hardly any additional work.
We like to thank management and staff of Devarana and BMG Group for the excellent collaboration.