Higher efficiency level and sales, with lower costs

Cashless system
Just scan the RFID wristband and your guest's account will automatically be charged.
Access control
Guests can check in themselves, without the need to visit the reception.
Online booking, E-ticketing, online shop, online payment... everything is possible with this user friendly module.
The unique business intelligence tool enables you to tailor your own reports with easy to use drag-and-drop technology.
Your own webshop
Let your members check in directly at a turnstile with a membership card or RFID wrist strap.
Automated scheduling
The unique planning algorithm of xPlan enables autonomously scheduling your reservations, or even complete packages! .
  • xPlan is used by many large and small thermal baths and famous for its completeness and unique integration with other systems. The variety of possibilities enables companies to use the large amount of gathered data to optimize their business operations and to improve marketing results. The outcome of using xPlan is a higher efficiency level and sales, with lower costs.
  • Your guests are able to quickly and easily make reservations themselves, with their smartphones or PC. Access, treatments and even complete packages are automatically processed to the system, without interference of your employees. xPlan knows the capabilities of your employees and the possibilities of your rooms. Your guests receive a confirmation instantly in their mailbox. At the same time treatments are directly planned and billed. Checking in and out at the desk happens in a wink, thanks to the user friendly interface. This is possible with barcodes as well as RFID wrist straps. You can choose to let your guests check in anonymously, or to process customer data for marketing purposes.
  • xPlan offers complete access management within your premises. With the specially designed RFID wrist strap, guests only get access to the areas you allow them to visit. Possible extra fees for using the fitting room or sauna, for example, are automatically charged to your guest.
  • Want to make use of the massage chair? Just scan the wrist strap and your account will automatically be charged. As there is no need to buy a token first, it makes impulse purchases much easier. Your hospitality employees can quickly place an order by simply scanning the wrist strap. It shows istantly if guests are entitled to order 'promos' included in their package. "Would you like to have a Vanilla Latte instead of the regular coffee included in your package? I can offer you this for only 1 euro." Extra sales are stimulated and credits are automatically processed. No more zero-priced products on your cash registers, only guests with the right package get their 'free' items. And there is no need to remove items from the bill at departure, so the system will recover its own cost. The unique Self Service Kiosk offers your guests the opportunity to book available treatments themselves, without the need to visit the reception. This takes away a threshold for many of your visitors.
  • Thanks to the unique reporting tool, the large amount of data in xPlan is easy to analyse. It is quite simple to adapt or complement existing reports with the drag-and-drop system. Of course you can choose to have these reports automatically emailed to you or your co-workers, or export them to Excel or CSV. The Management App provides instant insight in the number of recent and actual guests, or how many massages have been booked. In this way you stay in contact with your company from any place in the world.
  • Does your company have multiple locations? With xPlan you have the right tool to manage all your locations with one single, centralised system. So that means: 1 customer base, creating 1 package (of course with the possibility to differentiate prices), shared subscription data, gift vouchers and so on. In this way you can authorise guests to visit different locations with one single subscription.
  • With xPlan you can easily manage your prices for longer periods. You already know today what next year's prices will be? You can enter them now, and xPlan will automatically charge the correct price. Using early bird discounts is also no problem. Do you wish to apply a different fare for February when booking in January? Set it in xPlan and your reception employees don't have to think about it. Do you want to use discounts for subscribers? With a few settings these will automatically be applied. The result of using xPlan is that the number of errors and corrections at the reception will dramatically decrease. To the satisfaction of your administrator, who has to solve less puzzles.
    • Lower losses by less errors
    • Stimulates sales
    • More intense experience for guests
    • Full integration, closed system
    • User friendly
    • Automated reporting
    • Online bookings
    • Gift vouchers for value or products
    • Self-service kiosk
    • Subscriptions
    • Direct debits for subscribers
    • CRM
    • Complete solution for hospitality and hotels