Everything you need for your spa gathered in one solution.

Give your loyal members their own VIP access card and use member data for marketing purposes.
Access control
xPlan handles all access permissions of your premises.
Food & Beverages
Scan the wrist strap of your guests and their orders will be billed automatically.
  • For swimming pools xPlan also offers a very complete solution for all business processes. It is even possible to make your swimming pool totally cashless, in which case all your visitors pay at a payment terminal upon departure.
  • Selling entry tickets, memberships, gift vouchers and so on is very simple thanks to the user friendly interface. Everything is instantly processed and administered. If desired, value cards can be charged by scanning them with a barcode scanner. E-tickets sold on the Internet can also easily be processed with the cash register.
  • xPlan handles all access features within your premises. This can be achieved by using barcodes or RFID wrist straps. The latter can also be used to open and close lockers. Many companies give their members their own wrist straps or barcode cards. At the turnstile they can check themselves in or out, so they don’t need to visit the reception anymore. Paying at departure at a payment terminal or at the reception is possible as well. The wrist straps of your daily guests can automatically be taken as they check out at a turnstile, and your subscribers always get their straps returned.
  • Would you like to sell online entry tickets, which can be directly used by your visitors at a turnstile? Then xPlan is the ideal system for you! On your own website, visitors can buy their E-tickets, which will then automatically be emailed to them. Your guest prints the ticket at home can scan it at the turnstile. xPlan takes into account the validity of the ticket. Extensive CRM features enable you to improve service to your customers even further and give you the opportunity to approach your guests and look into the result of your efforts.
  • We offer different touch-screen desk solutions, depending on the kind of catering facilities you have. All very complete and user friendly. Employees in your kitchen or bar know immediately what your customers order and can prepare this right away. You can also make use of hand-held terminals.
  • You can create different forms of subscription yourself, varying from multiple-access vouchers to yearly subscription cards. Automatic (direct) debiting is a feature as well. And by giving your subscribers their VIP card (or wrist strap), they can enter your facilities with priority. The credit of the multiple-access cards is automatically adjusted. If desired, a photo of your visitor can be displayed on a screen at checking in.
  • Of course you get insight into current subscriptions and the outstanding amount of multiple-access vouchers. And it’s clear who was where, and how often. You can adjust the various reports by ‘drag-and-drop’ and save these for later use. And you can easily export extensive management information to Excel, PDF, CSV, or other formats, or have it sent automatically to you and your co-workers.
    • Lower losses by less errors
    • All information within reach
    • Extensive support
    • Automated scheduling
    • User friendly
    • Automated reporting
    • Online bookings
    • Gift vouchers for value or products
    • Self-service kiosk
    • Memberships
    • CRM
    • Flexible and scalable