A complete system for your Health Club that grows along with your needs

Membership administration
Centrally manage membership data for all your locations. You decide where your members can check in.
Direct debits and reversals
Easily create SEPA files for direct debits and Storno files for reversals.
Bookings can be made at the desk, online, or at the special Self Service Kiosk.
Group classes
Simply schedule group classes and appointments with your personal trainers.
Your own webshop
Let your members check in directly at a turnstile with a membership card or RFID wrist strap.
Access control
Access control may be used to let guests automatically sign in or deny access for certain guests.
  • Looking for a complete system for your Health Club, that can grow along with your needs? No problem: with xPlan you can go anywhere. A wide range of functionalities can be added as required, if your organisation needs it in future.
  • Of course, your membership administration is the basis of your company. Registering new members is very easy and you can determine the contract type yourself. Do you wish to collect subscription fees monthly, quarterly or every four weeks? With xPlan it's completely up to you. The procedure for direct debits is easy and clear. You decide when to process a batch and you can easily create SEPA files. Reading in Storno (reversal) files also doesn't take long. Possible charges for reversals are automatically processed in xPlan, according to your directives.
  • It's easy to schedule an appointment with your personal trainers, but scheduling treatments is also no problem. Subscribing to group classes or booking a tennis or squash court can easily be done at the special Self Service Kiosk. This user-friendly touchscreen solution is also capable of printing tickets as a certificate of registration. In addition, one can check upcoming reservations. In addition to the Self Service Kiosk, your guests can of course subscribe to group classes or book a tennis court online. Possible extra costs for these arrangements can also be paid online.
  • You can link xPlan to MyWellness Cloud system of Technogym®. You have the possibility to directly show your trainers which guests are present, and they are notified in case of a 'drop-out' risk. This gives a great retention tool.
  • With xPlan, access control is a breeze. Did a member not pay his subscription fee, or is he required to report at the reception? In that case access is blocked. Is he allowed to go to the Fitness, but only for 1 hour to the Sauna? The extra costs for this will automatically be added to the bill, so that he has to pay before he can check out. You can choose to show guests checking in on a screen at the turnstile, or on a screen of the receptionist. Access control may be used to let guests automatically sign in to xPlan, but this can also be done by a reader linked to the Self Service Kiosk.
  • Do you own multiple Health Clubs and are your members allowed to visit different locations? With xPlan it's no problem. You have one solution which shares your members data with all your locations. This in turn allows your customers to use their membership cards or gift vouchers in different locations. Can your members upgrade their credit balance on their member cards? Then this credit is also exchangeable at other locations.
    • User friendly
    • Extensive reports
    • Automatic sign in
    • Self Service Kiosk
    • Member subscriptions
    • Automated reporting
    • Automatic Direct Debits
    • CRM
    • Self-service kiosk
    • Subscriptions
    • Direct debits for subscribers
    • CRM
    • Scalable
    • F&B