Manage all your locations with one single solution

Centralised data
Authorise guests to visit different locations with one single subscription.
Management information
View essential business information of all your locations.
Versatile price management
You decide if product X has the same price in all your locations, or that you want to differentiate.
Thanks to our Chain module you will be able to centralize your data. You may think of a centralized Customer Data for your CRM. Or become able to sell gift cards and redeem them around all of your properties. THe same way your members can utilize their membership around your locations. And what to think of just creating a package one time after which it can be sold (for the correct price) at all of your properties (or those you selected). This will save you valuable time in application management but also will help you to streamline and improve processes around your properties and by doing so standardise the service and lower costs.