Ease and pleasure for your guests… and for you!

Additional bookings
xPlan uses an extraordinary algorithm, enabling fully automated scheduling of activities and packages.
Auto check-in
Let your guests check themselves in with their member cards or RFID wrist straps.
View Reservatons
Day guests can view what activities and treatments are planned, and at what time. .
  • Many guests experience a threshold if they have to ask at the reception if a treatment is still available. When you use the Self Service Kiosk, there’s no need to do that anymore. When a guest is present, he can simply scan the wrist strap at the Self Service Kiosk and xPlan immediately shows what is available. The choice is directly scheduled and billed, and your staff knows that a treatment is booked right away.
  • Many Health Clubs offer group classes. Members can easily register or unregister for one of these group lessons at the Self Service Kiosk. To show the instructor that they have registered, guests can also print a ticket at the kiosk.
  • Members can view their future bookings. Day guests can view what activities and treatments are planned with their reservation, and at what time.
  • If you don’t use access control, but you do want your members to sign in, you can easily accomplish this with the kiosk. The system immediately displays the message if signing in was successful. You know who visited you, and you can use this data for retention purposes.