Improve your service, increase sales and lower your costs!

In xPlan, use of Radio Frequency Identification can be deeply integrated.
Access control
Give your members their own RFID wristband or card for automatic access control.
Make your company totally cashless! Items are always charged to the right account by using RFID.
Food & Beverage
Easily order Food & Beverage items, in the restaurant or from a vending machine.
Visitors can pay upon exit at the reception or at a payment terminal.
Use of equipment
Activate equipment like massage chairs, and have this billed automatically .
In xPlan, the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is deeply implemented. Guests can be handed an RFID chip, for example integrated into a wrist strap or card. They can use this, among many other things, to get access or order catering items. Also reservations can be looked up at the reception or Self Service Kiosk and equipment, such as massage chairs, can be activated. Your guests will definitely appreciate our RFID solution. It will improve their experience, reduce errors and stimulate sales. At the end of their stay they will get a specified bill, which can be paid at the reception or at a payment terminal.