User friendly handhelds with a superb range have proven to directly contribute to an increase in sales

Speed up your service
User-friendly, robust handhelds let you process more orders with less employees.
Affiliate marketing
Your guests will order sooner and more frequent. Prompt your staff to ask for extras!
Accurate administration t
Human errors are ruled out and you don’t need zero-priced items anymore.
Seating plans
In a wink you see what tables haven’t ordered anything for a long time.
RFID wristbands
Always automatically select the correct account for your guest by scanning the wristband, or even let them pour their own drinks.
Kitchen Monitors
Give the kitchen staff the perfect tool to see all the orders, waiting times and totals. And meanwhile improve quality and service. .
  • xPlan uses a very user friendly catering system. You can deploy this system in multiple catering outlets. It’s even possible to deploy self-service drink taps, where guests can get their own drinks with their wrist straps. The Android handhelds are very user friendly, robust and reliable. The range is excellent and roaming is used to ensure the best reception, without delays.
  • As you take the order of your guest, a ticket gets printed in the kitchen or behind the bar (or even shown on the Kitchen monitor), and the order is prepared. In this way you speed up your service, so that guests will order sooner and more frequent. And you can process more orders with less employees.
  • The practical seating plan shows you what tables haven’t ordered anything for a long time. If you use RFID wrist straps, you always automatically select the right account for your guest, so you rule out errors. While taking the order, your staff is guided in a practical way to make the right choices or to promote extra sales. This also reduces the risk of errors and stimulates your sale.
  • If someone has a special package and a drink or meal is included, this will directly be shown on the handheld or cash register. With that information, your employees can easily choose the products you included in the package. Other choices are possible at a surcharge. With this way of working you don’t have to use zero-priced products on your cash register anymore. Does your guest have a special customer card, with an upgraded credit? This can also be used to pay for catering.