Use your customer data to be more successful than your competitors!

Benefit from your data
In xPlan a large set of customer data is created, which provides insight in who was where and when.
Marketing campaigns
Use the CRM features of xPlan to deploy your own marketing campaign.
Stay in touch with your guests
Send birthday offers, email members who’s subscriptions are almost overdue… Your creativity is the limit here!
  • Many of our users register data of their guests, concerning who they are, what subscriptions they have, how frequently they visit them and so on. This way a large set of customer data is created with a lot of information about your guests. In xPlan you have the possibility to make this information easy to grasp for purposes of marketing, providing service and more. By doing this, you improve the experience of your guests, stimulate sales and improve your service.
  • You can use the data for development of marketing campaigns. You can, for instance, automatically write to last week’s visitors that booked a massage. Or send a special offer to all your guests on their birthday, email members who’s subscriptions will be overdue next month… Your own creativity is the limit here! And of course our consultants are available to advise and assist you with this. Special customer cards with upgradable credit are possible. With these cards visitors can pay for catering or at a cash desk.