Optimize your daily operations, improve your customer journey and see statistics about both, real-time.

xPlan integrates on all levels of your organization. From reception to accounting, marketing and everything in-between.


With xPlan you have everything you need for your Spa gathered in 1 package.

Thermal baths

xPlan is famous for its completeness and unique integration with other systems.

Swimming pools

Make your swimming pool completely cashless.

Health clubs

xPlan is the complete system that grows along with your needs.


One solution for your whole chain.


Ticketing? Vouchers? Package deals? xPlan can do that too.

Innovation + Integration = The best solution

xPlan is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for all bookings and business operations. We are dedicated to Spa's, Gym's, Pools, Wellness resorts, Ticketing and much more. The system is unique in being comprehensive, flexible, stable and versatile. With xPlan you will experience an increase of efficiency, reduction of costs and improved margin/profit. This by means of creating new marketing opportunities, automating work and integration.

We are keen on establishing long term partnerships with our customers. Only by trully working together we can understand our customers needs and keep the 'human' aspect in mind, whille our customer learns about the benefits of IT. The end result is the best software solution available. A solution we keep on enhancing with some great new innovative features.


"We have always been looking for a solution that automates our processes as well as gives us insight. With xPlan we have finally found this solution. Our life has become so much easier since we started using xPlan....."

Maurice Barbier, Business Analyst, Thermae 2OOO