Carlton Cannes

Carlton Cannes selects xPlan

The Carlton Cannes, a Regent Hotel, has recently reopened after a two-year multi-million Euro redevelopment. And now the hotel, located on the French Riviera, has announced the launch of its new state-of-the-art spa facility. This luxury spa, known for its exceptional services, has now taken things to the next level by introducing xPlan Spa software into its operations.

The hotel, which appeared in several scenes of the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock classic To Catch a Thief, starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, features 332 rooms and 37 branded residences, designed by French interior designer Tristan Auer. The grand-scale renovation program preserves the hotel’s historic features, whilst creating a modern-day property that echoes the Regent design philosophy.

The property’s Belle Epoque façade, framed by twin domes, occupies the frontage of an entire city block overlooking the beachfront promenade, La Croisette. The hotel is Regent Hotels flagship hotel in Europe. The chain, which is part of Intercontinental Hotels, positioned itself at the top end offering in the luxury hotel segment.

Inside the Carlton Hotel you can find Le C Club Fitness & Spa. A fantastic environment for members and hotel guests to enjoy a wonderful treatment of workout. Or just enjoy the infinity pool and garden to relax. And besides enjoying a treatment in the spa, hotel guests can also book an In-Room treatment or enjoy a treatment on the private beach.

In addition to improving client experience, xPlan Spa software also helps streamline day-to-day operations for the spa. The software provides a centralized system for managing appointments and inventory, allowing staff to focus more on providing exceptional service rather than managing logistics. With the ability to generate reports on client data and performance, the spa can use data-driven insights to inform future business decisions.

As a result of its new partnership with xPlan Spa software, Le C Club Fitness & Spa is poised to become a leader in the spa and wellness industry. The software enables the spa to provide a more personalized and efficient experience for its clients while also streamlining its own operations. This means that clients can expect even more exceptional service and treatment offerings from the Carlton Cannes spa. It is certain that the many visitors of the famous Cannes Film Festival will be enjoying the hotel and its marvellous spa and health club.