Mews Interface enhanced

Mews Interface just got upgraded

Mews is a comprehensive Cloud Based PMS (Property Management System) that is used by hotels in over 70 countries. A fast growing company with thousands of hotels as their client.

xPlan Spa Software already had an Interface with Mews, which allowed for Hotels to post charges on a guest’s room account. As well as send all revenue and their payments from xPlan to Mews.

We recently enhanced this interface, to allow for more efficient operations for Hotels that have a somewhat more comprehensive spa operation.

The enhanced interface allows for xPlan to automatically generate reservations, based on the reservations in Mews. A comprehensive mapping ensures the correct booking is automatically made in xPlan, together with the correct Customer Data.

In case of changes or cancellation of a Mews reservation, xPlan will ensure this cancellation or change is also handled in xPlan. And since client details are already known in xPlan, a room charge is easily done.

All this will mean a drastic elimination of manual data entry, saving the hotel staff loads of time as well reducing risk of errors!

Let us know if you want to know more about this great Interface or xPlan in general!