We welcome Algotherm spas Deauville La Touques and Houlgate

We welcome Algotherm spas Deauville La Touques and Houlgate

We are happy to announce that 2 Algotherm spas at Pierre & Vacances residences have started working with xPlan. Pierre & Vacances is Europe’s largest chain of holiday parks, with residences in France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Portugal. The Algotherm spas at the locations Deauville and Houlgate use the xPlan software for various purposes, which will be highlighted in this article.

Algotherm is a cosmetic brand, with its origins in the sea. The brand started in 1962 off the east coast of Brittany in the heart of the Sea of Iroise, nowadays a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is not for nothing that the ocean has remained their inspiration today. Through extensive study, Algotherm has developed the knowledge to select and assemble the perfect species for skin care needs and requirements.

At the spas in Deauville and Houlgate, guests can swim in heated baths and relax in the sauna and hammam. Guests can enjoy various massages and beauty treatments, where mainly sea salt and algae products are used.

The unique system of xPlan ensures that reservations for treatments and entries can be made easily. In addition, it enables online reservations and the selling of online gift vouchers. In order to connect both spas, the xPlan Chain module is used.

This way, employees can see if a guest has been to another Algotherm location before and gift vouchers can be exchanged between the spas. Furthermore, there is a uniform product range and administration and employees can compare the two locations in terms of results on the set KPIs by means of dashboards. All of the above ensures time efficiency for both employees and customers.