New Cinq Mondes Locations

Cinq Mondes Opera and Lyon now also use xPlan.

We are happy to announce that after Cinq Mondes La Samaritaine, now also Cinq Mondes Opera in Paris and Cinq Mondes Lyon are live with xPlan.

Cinq Mondes is a well-known French cosmetics firm, offering unique experiences. Cinq Mondes assembled a selection of the best beauty rituals in the world, in its first spa in Paris. Cinq Mondes treatments and products are now offered in over 1,000 spas and institutes around the world.

Since opening their first spa in Paris, the group has opened numerous other spa locations. Following an intensive analysis of Spa Software, xPlan was selected to be implemented at all the Cinq Mondes own spa properties around the world. The first was Cinq Mondes La Samaritaine in the newly restored La Samaritaine department store in Paris.

Following the success of the La Samaritaine implementation, the group has pressed to have the other spa’s to follow quickly. By using the xPlan centralized solution, the company has many advantages:

  • Integrated solution for (automatic) scheduling of treatments as well as POS, Packages, Entry’s (access control) and Ecommerce/Online Reservations
  • Ability to share gift cards between locations (sell in Paris, redeem in Lyon)
  • Ability to share use of Cinq Mondes Abonnees
  • Centralized Product Offering for proper KPI analysis between locations and less work in maintaining the software configuration
  • Wealth of Management Information to not only analyze Financial results, but also improve Operations
  • Online Reservations, Online Sales of Gift Cards etc.

Other locations will follow swiftly and also start enjoying the brand new xPlan software! We thank the people at Cinq Mondes for the great cooperation. It is our sincere pleasure to work with you!

About Cinq Mondes Opera
An ideal escape from the city to recharge your batteries, the CINQ MONDES SPA in PARIS is nestled right in the heart of a pedestrian square, in a beautiful listed building. Close to many of the great sites of Paris and shopping district.

This luxurious Spa stretching over an area of 500 m2 devoted to well-being and perfect for soaking in calm and serenity, welcomes you in to discover a genuine Sensorial Journey.

About Cinq Mondes Lyon
In a magnificent cut stone 18th century private home, the CINQ MONDES SPA in LYON spans over 250m² of serene surroundings.
The sleek design and restful atmosphere invite you to relax and recharge with complete piece of mind concerning the authenticity and quality of the treatments.
6 treatment rooms, 1 double treatment room, 1 Aromas and Flower Japanese Bath, 1 Aromas and Colors Hammam … to discover a genuine sensorial journey.