Cinq Mondes La Samaritaine

Cinq Mondes La Samaritaine in Paris opens with xPlan.

La Samaritaine is an iconic department store in the heart of Paris (France), that dates back to 1870. The store is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuiton Moet Hennessy) and opened 23 June 2021 after many years of renovations and an investment of over 800 million Euro.

The store is a must for shoppers, with a tremendous offering in a surrounding of marvellous architecture and décor.. Not only luxurious brands from LVMH, such as Christian Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, but also many other renowned brands in fashion and beauty. And besides that La Samaritaine is ideally situated between the Louvre and Notre Dame.

Within La Samaritaine you can find the new boutique spa of Cinq Mondes, which contrasts with the urban hustle and bustle and offers a setting conducive to relaxation. Nestled inside are a cosy lounge and more than seven treatment rooms, hidden behind a huge door that keeps the sensory art of “betterness” tucked away. This exceptional locale, which spreads out over more than 4,000 sq. ft, is designed to be a real “urban retreat” where you can experience a holistic interlude while still in the city.

Cinq Mondes is a well-known cosmetics brand that offers deep regeneration of the mind and body through its treatments and products, inspired by beauty rituals from all over the world. Cinq Mondes is used in over 1,000 spa’s around the world. In La Samaritaine you can truly try and buy their great products in their in-store shop.

Every year, over 5,000 spa practitioners are trained by a team of international experts in Cinq Mondes’ Dermapuncture® techniques and treatments complying with the brand’s ceremonial rites and protocols. Because of that at Cinq Mondes La Samaritaine you are ensured of only the best service.

For their services Cinq Mondes La Samaritaine relies on xPlan as their Spa software. Not only to schedule all the treatments and rituals, but also as their POS (Point of Sales), for Stock Control, Online Reservations, Gift Cards, CRM and much more. In order to streamline the management of their spa’s, Cinq Mondes also uses the xPlan Multi Property module. Ensuring customer details, configuration, gift cards etc. are shared among the locations. Ensuring time is saved, errors are prevented and turnover gets a boost!

We very much enjoyed working with the Cinq Mondes team and wish them lots of joy and success!