Amadore Kamperduinen

Amadore Kamperduinen

Amadore Hotels & Restaurants is a Hospitality chain with all its locations in the Dutch coastal Province of Zeeland. Their property Kamperduinen was hit by a fire over a year ago. As a consequence the location had to close. This gave the owner the chance to redevelop the hotel to his own vision, having bought the property some years ago from a bankruptcy.

Amadore Kamperduinen is just next to the Dunes that form the natural border to the cleanest beaches of The Netherlands and the North Sea. And the hotel and spa are also just next to the world famous Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, which was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The hotel got a complete make over and as a part of this, the Spa of the hotel saw a complete upgrade and enlargement. Subsequently the Spa was revamped A Thermen Zeeland (the A coming from Amadore).

It now offers one of the most comprehensive (Hotel) Spa’s in The Netherlands, with a great offering of treatments, sauna’s, baths, restaurant, health club and much more. Not just for the hotel guests, but also for outside visitors!

We have supplied A Thermen Zeeland with a complete software solution, including Access Control, Automatic Scheduling, Cashless Payment, Interface to the hotel PMS, Online Reservations, E-Ticketing, membership management and much more. We also supplied A Thermen Zeeland with handy RFID locker locks, wristbands and readers. Only checked in guests get access to the spa, when scanning their RFID bracelet at the entrance door.

In close cooperation with Amadore we have ensured the spa had the ability to handle reservations upfront, ensuring their marketing/commercial actions were supported. As part of their marketing efforts, the Dutch TV watchers frequently saw their commercial on National Television.