Aufguss WM

xPlan sponsors Aufguss WM

Today is the start of the Aufguss WM, the World Championship of Aufguss (Infusion). For a whole week Masters of Aufguss from around the world compete at our customer Thermen Berendonck.

Nearly 120 Participants have come through from their national Qualifying and will be showing their skills with regard to showmanship, waving, theme, music, light, fragrances, heat distribution, creativity. In the special Sauna Theater around 200 people can see the artistic performance of the participants. The Sauna Theater is equipped with various event technology to enhance the experience, such as LED screens, laser lights and much more.

Just like the previous 3 editions, xPlan is one of the main sponsors of this event. We wish all the participants and visitors of the Aufguss WM a lot of enjoyment!