Thermen Berendonck

Thermen Berendonck opened in May 2019. This new resort is part of the Quality Wellness Resorts (QWR): a leading chain of large-scale luxury wellness resorts.

Thermen Berendonck is connected to QWR’s Central xPlan system. This enabled QWR to set up the application independently with limited resources. This is because a lot of data has been taken over from the Central environment. Think of customer database, article database, etc.

The resort is one of the largest in Europe and includes no less than 20 wellness facilities. Among them is one of the largest Sauna Cabins in the world, where over 200 visitors can take place to enjoy the amazing Aufguss rituals that can be experienced here.

There are also several pools, including one with a real pool bar, rest areas and 2 large restaurants. The huge garden offers plenty of space for relaxation. The resort is set up in an atmosphere of 1001 Nights. An important source of inspiration was the Taj Mahal. As one floats in the saltwater pool one experiences the typical Indian atmosphere.

Within the complex xPlan is used and the RFID wristbands are used to pay cashless. For example, in the hospitality industry or at the tanning salon. The consumption is directly on the bill! At the end, you pay the full bill and receive a ticket to leave the complex at the barrier from xPlan. The many online bookings are processed using the xPlan API. The Management Information and Marketing data enables QWR to steer where necessary.