Almwellness Pierer

Deep in the Austrian mountains you can find the luxury Spa Hotel Almwellness Hotel Pierer.

This luxury 4 Star hotel offers a large 4,500m2 spa with multiple (infinity) pools, sauna’s and a large treatment area.

The hotel is located on top of a 1000 meter mountain offering great views. Not only if you are spa savvy, it will be a great place to be. But if you are fooddie you will also greatly enjoy your stay. The restaurants are really classy and the wine selection is huge. The hotel owners even have their own Wine vineyard. What better way to enjoy your evening after a walk in the forest surrounding the hotel or after enjoying the spa.

Each hotel guest can enjoy the spa and book a treatment. All treatments and spa packages are scheduled using xPlan. The interface with the Hotel PMS ensures all spendings can be charged on the hotel guests room.

The many reports, the automatic scheduling etc. are all part of the reasons for Almwellness Hotel Pierer to select xPlan.

If you are ever looking for a great place to stay in Austria… take a look at the website of
Almwellness hotel Pierer.