Sauna Swoll

Welcome Sauna Swoll!

Sauna Swoll

We welcome our new customer Sauna Swoll! Sauna Swoll  is situated near the town of Zwolle in the North of The Netherlands. It is one of the oldest Wellness Center’s in The Netherlands, dating back to 1972.

Guests are offered a wide variety of pools and sauna’s. And in the enormous garden you can even find a beach. People can relax on one of the beds in the garden, where waiters will take your order. Or read a good book in the restaurant or one of the relaxation lounges.

Recently the family company saw a new generation stepping on board. And one of their missions was to optimize business processes and improve the marketing. As a result investment in xPlan was their main focus.

We have supplied Sauna Swoll with new RFID readers, wristbands and RFID battery run Locks to be fitted on their Lockers. xPlan is used for Reception, Food & Beverages, Accounting, Memberships, Gift Cards, Marketing and more.

By scanning the wristband of a guest automatically the correct bill is found and any credit as part of a package can be seen and automatically redeemed when ordering. This has saved loads of money since now there are no Zero priced items to be selected and ordering is done extremely fast. This has resulted in an increase of revenue and guest experience.

The wealth of data is to the liking of the new Management. That and the speed of use and automation of a lot of manual labour. We are excited to work together with Sauna Swoll. But most of all it has helped to increase spending with a nice amount per visitor!