Sane Thermen

Sane Thermen joins the xPlan family

Near one of Belgiums oldest cities, Tongeren, you can find Sané Thermen. A Spa where people from all around Belgium come to enjoy the many facilities.

Sané Thermen is a fully clothed spa that offers a wide variety of treatments, pools, sauna’s, baths and relax zones. The style of Sané Thermen is both luxury and modern.

After selecting a different solution around 3 years ago, Sane Thermen decided to switch to xPlan. This since their initial choice did not meet up to the promises that were made. After a quick contact with several xPlan users the owners were convinced that xPlan was the right choice for them and could offer them:

Extensive Management Information, Online reservation, Hassle free use of Handhelds for quick ordering (no interruptions in connectivity) and excellent Support were the key points for Sane Thermen. Having experience with switching software only a couple of years before.

In the kitchen the white brigade can see each order on a Kitchen Monitor. If a table should get priority, it is easy for the waiters to inform the kitchen after which the order will be highlighted.

Management are more than happy with the wide range of reports that are at their disposal. By simply dragging and dropping they can alter the view and/or information. Or they can schedule reports to be send automatically.

And the automated scheduling of reservations saves time and enables Online reservations as well.

Just as with every other project, we had a thorough implementation. A consultant sat together with management to setup xPlan in a way that it best suits the business processes of Sané Thermen. It also ensure a smooth transition. We are proud to welcome this great company and team to our user group!