Les Bains de Lavey (Switzerland)

After thorough preparations, one of the largest Thermal baths of Switzerland has started using xPlan. Les Bains de Lavey is part of the Eurothermes Group and situated just a short distance from Montreux. This Thermal bath offers its visitors many baths, sauna’s and hamam. But there is also a large Spa with +20 treatment rooms, health department that offers aqua gym (amongst others) and a hotel with +60 rooms.

xPlan is used for ticketing (and access control) as well as scheduling of treatments and packages. The possibilities of cashless payment as well as E-Commerce (online reservations, e-ticketing etc.) were essential for the choice to select xPlan. But also the wealth of Data, that is at the disposal of Management/Marketing by means of our Reporting module, was a key element in the decision. For the hotel there is an Interface with the Fidelio hotel software.

Members can directly access the bath without having to check in at the reception. Day visitors can get their entrance very fast using the xPlan POS and leave if nothing has to be paid. If a guest has to pay additional costs, this can be done at the Payment terminals. Participants of Aqua Gym, Yoga and Pilates are scheduled in the special Group Lesson module, based on their membership.

Additional development was done in order to enable BVR payment slips to be added to the xPlan Invoices. The same goes for Multi Currency adjustments to have a proper overview of payment transactions done with Swiss Francs and Euro’s.