Sauna Swoll

We welcome our new customer Sauna Swoll! Sauna Swoll  is situated near the town of Zwolle in the North of The Netherlands. It is one of the oldest Wellness Center’s in The Netherlands, dating back to 1972. Guests are offered… Read More »Sauna Swoll

Sane Thermen

Near one of Belgiums oldest cities, Tongeren, you can find Sané Thermen. A Spa where people from all around Belgium come to enjoy the many facilities. Sané Thermen is a fully clothed spa that offers a wide variety of treatments,… Read More »Sane Thermen



The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came in effect at the end of May 2018. The regulation is designed to protect customer data and privacy of all individuals in the EU. The aim is to give control to citizens and… Read More »GDPR

Lifestyle Resorts

We are extremely proud to announce that the famous wellness resort Devarana in The Netherlands has started using xPlan, together with the other locations of Lifestyle Resort chain.Lifestyle Resorts is part of the BMG Group. Untill recently the BMG Group also owned… Read More »Lifestyle Resorts