The city of Spa in Belgium is renowned for its Thermal waters. In fact; the term spa is derived from the name of the town! And here you can find the Thermes de Spa thermal bath whose origins dates back to 1868. In 2004 the brand new Thermal bath was build with a surface of 10,000 sq meter. Thermes de Spa is part of Eurothermes. A French chain of health resorts with properties in France, Switzerland and Belgium.  Thermes de Spa uses the 3 sources from Spa; Marie-Henriette, Spa Reine and Clementine. Each with its own characteristics and benefits.

Integrated solution
Before xplan,  Thermes de Spa was using several stand alone solutions. A separate system for Ticketing/Access, one for the scheduling of treatments, one for the Food & Beverages etc. That meant a great deal of additional work, no data and a large chance of errors.

By selecting xPlan they started enjoying a comprehensive and integrated solution that automates virtually every business process. This way an increase of efficiency has been created, as well as lower costs and increase of turnover/margin. Guests were able to buy their Gift Cards for the holidays online, which then is automatically send by email and registered in xPlan. Next stop will be the booking of treatments and packages.

Access, Payment terminal and Wristband dispenser
At the entrance people can select to stand in line for a wristband that will give them access to the property, or just buy one from the Wristband dispenser in the lobby. At the turnstile people are checked in automatically and depending on their entry people can get access to the special VIP wardrobe, treatment area, elevator access and much more. At the end of the visit a guest can pay at the Payment Terminal. This can be done by card as well as cash. When leaving, the wristband will be swallowed at the exit by the retriever.

A treatment at one of the 60! treatment rooms is automatically scheduled by xPlan, based on availability, skills of staff, room capacity etc. Some of them are used to offer very special treatments using the Spa water. For instance enjoying the Marie-Henriette water in a fully brass bath. Or just enjoy a 4 hands massage!

The Food & Beverages department at Thermes de Spa instantly enjoyed working with our lean and user-friendly handhelds (portable POS). Just by scanning the wristband they see if the guest has credit as part of its package and automatically redeem this credit when the order is done. Only those things can be ordered that were defined by management as selectable. The handhelds have proven to speed up the service to the guest, ensuring they will order more and improving guest experience.

A wealth of data becomes information using the xPlan BI tool. This was extremely welcomed by Marketing and Finance as well as the director of Thermes de Spa. Being able to interact with customers using our CRM tool.. or being able to review the results, analyse the spendings and stays of the different entry types etc. means that can be started to optimize revenue and channels.