In the Flemish countryside near Antwerp you can find one of the 'older' wellness centres of Belgium. Although 'older' does not do justice to this company that always innovates and renews. But it is a place where you can experience an former farmhouse with a modern touch.

  Sauna de Molenhoevestarted out in 1990 and now exists for 27 years. And it has a lot to offer to its guests, perhaps something you do not instantly expect when approaching the property.

The marvellous big garden houses numerous pools and several sauna cabins. And also inside the property you can find numerous baths and sauna's. Enough to enjoy and relax a full day. Naturally there is a great offering of facials and massages, but you can also have your hair done. Or you can enjoy one of the many aufguss rituals that are performed each day. The restaurant of Sauna de Molenhoeve is the place to enjoy a great meal or drink. .

Molenhoeve decided to change drastically. The software system they had been using for 27 years running has been abolished for xPlan together with a brand new locker system. From now on the guests receive a RFID wristband when checking in. This wristband can be used to close the locker and to order in the restaurant. By scanning the wristband with the user-friendly handheld, instantly the correct bill will be shown together with any Food and Beverage credits the guest may have as part of a package.

The next generation of Molenhoeve is trained in IT and Hotel Management. This triggered the desire to integrate E-Commerce (online reservations, E-Ticketing), Management- and Marketing Information and optimization of business processes. Less work, increase of margin, less errors and being prepared for the future are the main reasons for that. The implementation of xPlan went without a hassle. The IT and Hotel Management background of the next generation was noticeable. This together with a helicopter view and a vision for the company, made sure the setup went extremely quick.